Friday, November 13, 2009

Extreme Biology Blog -high school teacher uses internet to teach biology


I recently heard an NPR Science Friday interview of a high school teacher called Stacy Baker at the Staten Island Academy, who teaches biology. She has come up with an ingenious way to teach biology: through blog posts! Her students discuss topics, current research, and help each other study amongst many other things. This is an incredibly creative way to teach; this model seems very simple to reproduce in your own classroom, given how easy it is to start websites and blogs today, along with all the great activities to teach your students with available for free!

You can listen to the NPR show here.

Ms. Baker's blog can be found here.

I first heard about Ms. Baker when I was sent a link to a fantastic video that her students made, which you can watch here. The geoscientists here at UCR were blown away by this, and we are taking notice and trying to fulfill their request here in Riverside!


Cassy Meyers


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